Sueños! Pursuing the Light at #NCTE22 in Anaheim #SOL22

After a three-year covid interruption, in-person NCTE annual convention returned. I know I’m not alone in saying the conference was fantastic and evoked feelings of gratitude and excitement.

Carole Lindstrom w/ her forthcoming book.

I presented in three sessions, one a round-table I proposed and facilitated Thursday morning . The session title was “Birds Aren’t Real: Literature as Light in Dark Times.” We heard a wonderful keynote from the author of “We Are Water Protectors,” Carol Lindstrom. Our table leaders were Stefanie Plato, Ami Szerencse, Jori Krulder, Joel Garza, and Erica Lopez.

Birds Aren’t Real team.

On Saturday my poetry group from Sarah Donovan’s EthicalELA presented in a round-table session. Although I wrote the proposal for “Poetry is Not a Luxury, Dr. Kim Johnson and I shared the hosting and organizing duties with Sarah. Padma Venkatraman joined us as our keynote speaker. I hosted a round-table featuring poetry as argument.

As happens often, I celebrated my birthday at NCTE. This time in Saturday, which I spent in sessions and in the exhibit hall collecting books, the best birthday gift.

Signing line for The Wolf in Our House. I watched this teacher read in line!

Sunday my panel with Carol Jago, Jennifer Fletcher, and Michael Guevara presented on “Unseen: Our Past in a New Light: Theoretical Perspectives on Literary Occlusion.”

Carol, Jennifer, myself, Michael.

My husband Ken and I drove to Anaheim so Ken could visit the Del Mar horse track, which he did Saturday. On Friday he went to a flight simulator, and on Thursday Ken traveled to a car museum. He also attended all my sessions.

At So-Fi Stadium.

Together we drove to So-Fi Stadium to see the KC Chiefs beat the LA Chargers Sunday evening.

Monday I joined ALAN and have my box of books with me for “Takegiving,” the name Carole Lindstrom has bestowed upon the upcoming holiday, which I’ll be spending in Mexico.

ALAN book boxes!

My mind is full of light from sessions I attended, new and old friends I greeted and learned alongside, and sharing this. invention with my souls-mate. I have not yet had time to review my notes, so I’ll save the details for later.

Barb and Leilya from my poetry group at ALAN. This is the only photo of us all. I took it w/ my eyes closed! [facepalm here]

For now I’m giving thanks to my panel team—Carol, Jennifer, and Michael—for both this year and agreeing to collaborate on a session next year. I’m also grateful to my round-table collaborators, especially Joel and Jori for being gracious about my typos and errors. I need to do better.

Anaheim Convention Center and Ken showing his badge. NCTE gifted his registration.

Kim put our Zoom meeting together, Sarah recruited Padma to join us, Stacey Joy brought the joy to our session with her students via a recording of their golden shovel poems, Mo Daly organized and distributed our t-shirts so we’d all have a unified appearance.

ALAN stack of books.

All but one of our eleven table leaders thanked me and took time to meet me in person. It’s good to be recognized and appreciated for the work, but I do have thoughts and feelings about the one individual who seemingly took it all for granted.

My ALAN adopted Alexandra in the left and good friend Ami on the right. Ami is our hostess this week in Mexico!

Next year’s NCTE will be in Columbus, Ohio. We’ll be making “conexiones” in the midwest next November.

Tijuana sunset.

7 thoughts on “Sueños! Pursuing the Light at #NCTE22 in Anaheim #SOL22”

  1. Glenda, it was so amazing to finally meet you and our EthicalELA friends. You did an outstanding job organizing and planning our session. I know I’m not “the one” who didn’t thank you because I’m one for extending gratitude too much rather than not enough. 😂 Maybe that person just needs to come out of the clouds. I felt like I was floating in a surreal space for 3 days.
    I wish I could’ve gotten We Are Water Protectors! I completely missed out on the book collecting opportunities. Bummer!
    Hey, when you and Ken were at SoFi you were next to my house. I can see the stadium from my house. I’m not a sports fan so I don’t ever connect with events there. I’m glad your team won!

    Thank you again for being YOU and for all that you did to make my first NCTE a treasure I’ll never forget.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stacey,
      Of course you are not “the one.” You are an amazing light, my friend. I’m gonna reach out to Carole and see if I can get you signed copies of both books. “My Powerful Hair” is amazing, and your scholars need it. It won’t be published until March, however.


  2. Glenda, what fun to see the recap of your NCTE experience! You were so busy. I was overwhelmed with all the sessions and opportunities, and I just had my one poetry session. Thank you for sharing, and especially, thanks for getting the “Poetry is Not Luxury” session on when we first thought it wouldn’t be. (I wouldn’t have been able to meet you and wouldn’t have gone to NCTE without being part of that session!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really excited to read Carole Lindstrom’s forthcoming book. I adored Water Protectors!

    Looks like a fantastic convention for you — NCTE AND ALAN. I wish I could’ve attended, but it wasn’t in the cards for me this year.


  4. Look at that stack of books! My oh my oh my! The conference sounded phenomenal – I know it was pure joy to be live and in person, talking shop. I would have loved to meet all the poetry pals – I know you loved this!! Thank you for sharing the fun with me, through this post.


  5. Glenda, what a fabulous post! I love all of the photos that you included (you are one of the most photogenic people I know)! It inspires me to include more photographs in my posts. I’m going to work on that. The convention was so amazing, and I loved every minute, despite a few challenges with mobility. ALAN looks like a LOT of fun, too. I’m so glad we had the opportunities to meet, to share, and to write together. Thank you again so much for all you did to make it happen! I love working with you.


  6. Glenda, I wish I was at NCTE with you but at least there are a few who will share their notes like you will. I appreciate the photos and the time you spent on your sessions. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your new books.


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